Academic Computing Committee

a Faculty Senate Commitee

The Academic Computing Committee (ACC)  is an Advisory Appointed Committee, governed by the policies set forth by the Faculty Senate.  This means that “[i]t shall be the responsibility of the individual units to appoint members to the Advisory (Appointed) Committees. Upon appointing faculty to serve on the advisory committees, the units shall inform the Committee on Committees of their chosen representatives so that the Committee can compile and disseminate the information. If an unfilled position exists by the deadline given by the Committee on Committees, the Dean would become responsible for filling any vacancies that occur after the initial appointments have been made.”

Charge:  The Academic Computing Committee investigates and makes recommendations on information technology issues of concern to faculty and major technology initiatives and changes proposed by Information Technology Services. The committee solicits direct faculty input regarding information technology. The committee will forward its recommendation(s) to the Senate, the Provost, and the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services. The chair of the ACC or designee serves as a member of other computing committees: Academic Technology Coordinating Committee, Administrative Information Security Committee, and the Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee.

Membership:  One (1) voting member of the General Faculty from each unit, plus one (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate. Nonvoting: One (1) or more representatives from Information Technology Services (ITS), one representative from the University Teaching and Learning Center, and one member from the Office of the Provost. Committee members are expected to bring to the ACC the academic computing needs of faculty from their unit and to communicate the results of discussions and suggestions of the ACC to the faculty.